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With reliable, accurate, and technologically advanced laboratory testing, we empower people to live better and healthier lives.

We are committed to positively impacting the lives of our patients through innovation and leadership in the field of healthcare diagnostics.


AmeriLabs offers cancer risk panels for a variety of inherited conditions including breast, pancreatic, and renal cancers. We utilize next generation sequencing technology to analyze patient samples in a rapid and accurate manner. Specimens can be processed utilizing either saliva or cheek swab samples. We also work with healthcare providers to ensure medical necessity is met before specimen is processed, which reduces unnecessary testing.

Cancer Genomics testing is appropriate for patients who have a personal or familial history of cancer. Physicians most often offer this testing to: 

  • Individuals with more than one cancer

  • Individuals with multiple close family members with a cancer diagnosis under the age of 50

  • Individuals with three or more close family members with different types of cancers

  • Individuals with family members who have taken cancer genetic tests and mutations were identified


Our broad testing profile allows physicians to identify a patient as a slow, intermediate, fast, or ultra-fast metabolizer of over 200 different drugs across 30 different drug classes. Our comprehensive Pharmacogenomics (PGx) profile includes genetic-metabolic relationships for antifungal, antiemetic, acid disorder, immunosuppressant, and urinary incontinence medications. Risk factors for thrombophilia, hyperhomocysteinemia, and dyslipidemia are also tested. 

Patients who most benefit from PGx testing include those

  • Taking multiple medications

  • With complex drug treatment plans

  • Whose current prescriptions are not working

  • With previous adverse drug reactions to medications


Toxicology testing provides critical information that can be used by regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals. Providers can utilize toxicology testing to administer treatment that limits exposures to substances, reducing the likelihood of adverse drug events and negative health consequences. We offer accurate and rapid quantitative testing of drug metabolite levels in urine. Our testing covers over 80 analytes and metabolites.  

Toxicology tests help healthcare providers

  • Monitor a patient's therapy and compliance

  • Confirm suspected toxicity

  • Identify potential hazards due to other medications and prevent mixed drug toxicity

  • Detect if a patient lacks a proper response to a drug


Our comprehensive Blood Wellness Profile menu offers a wide range of blood tests such as total cholesterol, complete blood cell count, general chemistry tests, extensive hormone testing, advanced lipid profile, and metabolic, hepatic, and renal function testing profiles. 


AmeriLab's Womens Health profile assays were developed after rigorous analytical and clinical validation processes. Our assays have 99% accuracy for target identification along with greater than 99% target specificity. We can detect organisms with as little as 10 copies of target DNA in a patient sample.  Vaginal Microbiota Profiles tested include Bacterial Vaginosis profile, Candidiasis Profile, Aerobic Vaginitis Profile, STI Profile, and Group B Strep Profile, among others. 


We offer diagnostic testing for a variety of viral and bacterial caused illnesses.